PolisheD Holistic Skincare Acne Treatment Kit

$ 180.00


Four Step Acne Treatment

1. PolisheD Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

2. PolisheD Acne Pads

3. PolisheD Acne Daytime treatment

4. PolisheD Acne Night treatment




In morning:

  1. Cleanse face with hydrating cleanser.
  2. Wipe face with Acne  pads
  3. Apply a pea size amount of Acne Day Treatment
  4. Apply ELTA MD Clear sunscreen (available under sunscreen)

In evening:

  1. Cleanse face.
  2. Wipe face with Acne pads
  3. Apply a pea size of Acne Night Treatment to entire face

Expect Mild breakout and peeling but decrease frequency if excessive.

If excessive drying of the skin occurs, decrease application of Acne Night treatment to every other night ant then gradually increase to daily if needed or as directed by a physician. If extreme dryness or peeling occurs, reduce frequency of application to three night a week and slowly increase frequency.


Ingredients: Active : Glycolic acid, Salicyclic Acid, Benzyol Peroxide, Vitamin A, C, Green Tea and Retinol.

AVOID: ACNE DAY TREATMENT  if allergic to Benzyol Peroxide or  ACNE PADS if allergic to Salicyclic Acid


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